Session 4 The Agile Educator Guide


Interact with the Agile Educator Guide (16 pages) either manually or digitally.

-- OR --

  • Review it DIGITALLY and annotate. Use DocHub. It will allow you to upload the pdf and annotate the text online for free. All you have to do is create a free account. Click here for the link to DocHub.

Annotation Key (See a sample annotation)

Star: Name an "aha!" idea that you had while reading.

Highlight: What questions came to mind as you read?

Circle: Things I didn't understand

Underline: What do I want to try?

Marked with a "D": Differences from current practice

*Remember to put your name on the post and come back to this Padlet periodically to see what other participants have shared and continue the conversation. There is 1 question to respond to on the padlet.

Padlet Question:

Please share 2 of your annotations from the guide listed as tasks.

Note: Use your marked-up Agile Educator Guide to complete this padlet.

Thank you for completing the Asynchronous Sessions 1 through 4. We look forward to continuing the learning during Session 5 remote training on December 16th.