Welcome to A New Way of Learning!

What is Agile in Education? Agile supports an authentic, student-driven learning experience encouraging students to explore, drive, and become champions of their own learning. Creating an Agile learning environment will encourage and foster that authentic desire for learning that lives in all of us.

If you are outside of Blueprint Education, please contact us if you are interested in attending a future online / virtual session!

Getting Started

We are excited to see you learning more and participate in this training. 

This training is provided by Blueprint Education

The first 4 sessions are asynchronous while session 5 is synchronous. Once you have successfully completed this training -- including the first 4 asynchronous sessions at your own pace and the final live session 5 remote training day -- our Blueprint Education trainers will submit  your CAL K-12 certification request to be obtained through the Scrum Alliance.

Agile in Education Training 

Session 1 will provide contextual understanding behind Agile in Education. Begin Session 1

Session 2 will introduce the practices of Agile in Education to explore partnerships with educational leaders and teachers to implement Agile into their educational settings. Begin Session 2

Session 3 will build a student-learning environment toolbox incorporating retrospectives and reflection components. The goal is to identify success, discuss pitfalls, and improve through iterations. Begin Session 3 

Session 4 will use the Agile Educator Guide to illuminate the path of how Agile in Education can be used and implemented in the classroom. Begin Session 4

Session 5 will be synchronous and have seven time-scheduled blocks with corresponding page materials.

While the intent of this training is designed for the classroom, the Agile pedagogy and principles are universally applicable.